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Level 3 Item QUAVONZ: Quaternary Vegetation of New Zealand
Level 3 Item Refining statistical sightings models for inferring event timings in palaeoecological records
Level 3 Item Resolving ‘ghost’ diversity in pollen records
Level 3 Item Long-term vegetation and climate history of the subantarctic islands
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Level 3 Item Dating the prehistoric Moriori settlement on Rekohu (Chatham Islands)
Level 3 Item Fire in New Zealand ecosystems
Level 3 Item Dating the initial arrival of humans on pristine island ecosystems
Level 3 Item Prehistoric ecological impacts of Pacific rat
Level 3 Item Tracking past human impact on islands by improving palaeoecological reconstructions with PalEnDNA analysis
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Level 3 Item Chickens arrived in New Zealand with Captain Cook
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Level 2 Item Coprolite study provides new insights into prehistoric New Zealand ecosystems
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