Human impacts and ecological transformation

Determining initial human impacts on New Zealand ecosystems, the anthropogenic transformation of vegetation by fire, and the timing and impact of faunal extinctions.

Prehistoric ecological impacts of Pacific rat

Using newly discovered coprolites to study the diets of New Zealand's first invasive mammal

Tracking past human impact on islands by improving palaeoecological reconstructions with PalEnDNA analysis

Revealing the past occurrence of “ghost taxa” and unlocking past records from “silent sites”

Dating the prehistoric Moriori settlement on Rekohu (Chatham Islands)

Exploring an anomoly in the settlement timing of East Polynesia

Fire in New Zealand ecosystems

Understanding increased fire frequencies following human settlement as a novel driver in New Zealand ecosystems

Dating the initial arrival of humans on pristine island ecosystems

Establishing the timing and sequence of events in the human settlement of new landmasses is key to understanding drivers of ecological impact