Michelle McKeown

Post-doctoral project: Creating checklist and LUCID key for New Zealand testate amoebae and developing indicators for wetland condition.

Post-doctoral fellow: 2017-2020

Supervisors: Janet Wilmshurst, Jamie Wood


Creating a checklist for NZ testate amoebae, creating a LUCID key to identify NZ testate amoebae and using these microfossils as indicator species of wetland condition. NZ testate amoebae


McKeown, M.M., Mitchell, E.A., Amesbury, M.J., Blandenier, Q., Charman, D., Duckert, C., Roland, T.P., Swindles, G.T., Wood, J.R. and Wilmshurst, J.M., 2021. The testate amoebae of New Zealand: A checklist, identification key and assessment of biogeographic patterns. European Journal of Protistology81, p.125789.