Terrace pools, Bealey Spur

Research areas

Long-term ecological change

Reconstructing vegetation and climate change in New Zealand and the subantarctic islands since the last glaciation; developing a Quaternary palaeoecology database for New Zealand.

Human impacts and ecological transformation

Determining initial human impacts on New Zealand ecosystems, the anthropogenic transformation of vegetation by fire, and the timing and impact of faunal extinctions.

Conservation palaeoecology

Reconstructing the ecology of extinct and introduced fauna; establishing vegetation baselines; providing relevant data to improve understanding of remaining biota.

Recent news

Return of the lost birds

05 Nov 2018
A new article in New Zealand Geographic details work being undertaken on some of New Zealand's lesser-known extinct birds

Three-quarters of the world’s honeys contain bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides, according to new global study

11 Oct 2017
Highest concentrations of neonics found in honeys from North America, Asia and Europe.

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